Monday, June 1, 2009


Oh, how I envy their awareness, their purity and their vast reservoirs waiting, yearning to be filled by the world's experiences. The awestruck moments when their synapses spuriously erupt causing that humming buzz of epiphany that I seldom feel any more; that I almost have forgotten. Their soft joy of unprejudiced sensation! Could there have been a time in my own life where observations of my environment were so uncluttered by preconceived notions - a point where reality wasn't rendered down to, rather, an interpretation for my convenience or comfort? Now, the real trick isn't enabling envy to take hold or for sorrow to immobilize me for the sake of lost aptitude or, heaven forbid, capacity. The challenge is drawing from this, these effortless, natural born abilities, to re-pioneer into that state of being that permits unencumbered absorption of what truly is and matters in that moment. Then, maybe, I will feel again what it is to truly have wings.

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