Thursday, July 15, 2010

Battle Creek Sunrise

The alarm goes off at 4:15 and I rub deep slumber from my eyes and try to focus them on the floor as my reluctant body struggles to get upright. By the time we make it to the trailhead at Battle Creek for our morning run, both Alicia and I are awake and, amazingly, excited. The day's first rays of sunlight are illuminating the sky, shedding the darkness of night as well as our drowsieness.

Running at Battle Creek is fun. Flat out fun. Although there's only about 8 or so miles of single track, there's also another 3-5 of ski trails, if you like. To have it's kind of hills and trail so close to home is nice for those times when going off to Afton or other hot-spots doesn't fit into my schedule. To experience it's trails this early in the morning, once you're awake and moving, is heavenly.

We do our 6 miles or so feeling like we're two kids having gotten away with something, snickering all the way home and throughout the day (in-between moments of nearly falling asleep at our desk that is).

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