Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Mountain, Revisited

The feelings and emotions I'm experiencing leading up to my first 50-mile trail run are not new. Sure, doing 50 miles certainly is for me, but the upwelling, primordial charge of anxiousness is pure electricity. It courses through my nerves, spreading through my body with a relentlessness I can only hope be harnessed this Saturday.

The first time I went to Devil's Tower I arrived after sun down. We were on a 2-week road trip to climb in several places. This was my first time to this landmark of the rock climbing world and I was now sitting below it under the stars. I could swear I felt its gravitational pull as I tried to ascertain whether the seemingly impossible black mass in the sky was made of rock or anti-matter. The feeling I had there reawakened the feelings of my first days of climbing. Nervous energy fed from that which creates all fear: the unknown.

Contemplating running 50 miles for the first time has now given me that gift another time and I'm pleased to the core. I'm so looking forward to tackling this new mountain and continuing to experience that old one, the overcoming of nerves, fear and uncertainty.

Now if I can just ward off this damned looming cold virus before Saturday...

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